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Catalyst Boatworks has been in the boat manufacturing industry for over 20 years. Over that time, the company has established a reputation for producing the finest boats backed by expert design, craftmanship and quality materials.   The boats made by Catalyst Boatworks are highly durable and has the capacity to withstand even the toughest conditions of the treacherous Gulf Coast waters.  Their hulls undergo a rigorous quality control process to ensure pristine fit and finish. 



Our hulls go through a rigorous QC process to ensure pristine fit and finish. Once the quality test is completed, Catalyst continues the journey towards perfection by custom-building the inner workings and aesthetics of your vessel, including custom molded hatches, and recessed trim tabs. Our team pays attention to the items that can be overlooked and exhibits a sharp expression of cleanliness and attention to detail that brings your boat to the front of the pack.



Coupling these features with the implementation of high-quality seals, durable stainless steel accessories, stunning upholstery, and uniquely intuitive console gauging brings forth a masterpiece of boat engineering and enjoyment that only Catalyst Boatworks can provide.

If you would like to learn more about us at Catalyst, or if you’d like to schedule a ride-along with one of our highly knowledgeable guides in the Texas Coastal area, please contact us today!